Crunch HIIT Zone

Once your heart starts pounding, you’ll get it. The fast-paced, fiercely fun workouts with booming music and relentless motivation will push you to do what you didn’t think was possible. Available at select locations.

NASM-accredited 4 unique workouts  45 minutes 16 participants  100s of exercises  Fiercely fun

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Get unlimited advanced HIIT classes, plus everything else Crunch has to offer, with a Peak Results membership.

Sled Push

High Intensity Interval Training

The HIITZone delivers high-intensity interval training that gets the job done. Our unique, results-driven workouts torch fat, sculpt muscle, and increase metabolism, burning calories long after you stop sweating.



Horizontal Bars HIIT Zone

5,000 Square Feet of Proprietary Equipment

Our multi-station functional training unit includes:

Turf Free Weights Kettlebells Sleds Tires  Rope Pull-Downs Battle Ropes  Heavy Bags Landmines  Medicine Balls  Power Rowers Monkey Bars TRX® suspension  & more!

Stretching in HIIT ZONE

HIIT Workout Classes We Offer:


Through high-intensity drill-based cardio exercises, you’ll torch calories & leave dripping sweat.


Get ready for a fight in this hard-hitting workout featuring moves inspired by martial arts and boxing.


Triple round work efforts focus on control, power & strength to chisel your body while burning calories. 


The most grueling of the 4 classes, ExtremeHIIT will push you to the max with a special course and challenge rounds at every station.