William Coker

1. What is your Crunch gym & job title?

National Vice President of Fitness

2. When did you enlist?

I actually left for bootcamp 2 hours after my high school graduation. I never doubted that my first role in adulthood would include serving my country.

3. What was your branch of service?

I was a U.S. Naval Aircrewman: Warfare Systems Operator and I served in several theaters of operations around the world.

4. What was your experience like serving?

It was everything – both some of my best days and some of my most challenging. I am forever grateful for the opportunities the U.S. Navy provided me with and thankful for the perspective that my experiences while serving provide me in my daily life, today.

5. Do you recall the day your service ended? What was your transition like in the weeks and months afterwards?

During my final tour, I was stationed at NAS Point Mugu in Ventura, CA and I had some time at home during the final year and half of my time serving. I started working part-time as a Personal Trainer at a local health club. On my final day of active duty, I immediately transitioned to that health club as a Fitness Manager. The rest, as they say, is history. After my active duty service of 10 years, I continued serving for another 3 years as a Reservist.

6. When did you start working at Crunch? How did serving help your career at Crunch?

I started working at Crunch in February 2009. My service in the military helps me every day in all things that I do. Due to many of my experiences overseas and the perspective those experiences gave me, there is rarely anything in my day-to-day life today that I find as difficult and/or that is worth stressing over. Life to me is all about perspective as we all have a choice on how we respond to our adversities. Someone very wise once taught me that “we cannot be both grateful and stressed at the same time, it is impossible for our minds to do both simultaneously.” I always choose grateful.

7. What are some of your hobbies outside of work? Tell us a little more about your daily life.

My first love is my incredible wife Kristin, and our kids. I have 3 sons – Peyton (23), Brett (21), and Carson (10) and one beautiful daughter, Victoria (18). When I am not serving and spending time with my family, I enjoy working out, playing golf and supporting my youngest son’s golf career.

8. Do you feel support working at Crunch? Is there anything else that you’d like to share with us?

I feel like at Crunch, we do a wonderful job of supporting one another and lifting each other up.  I truly love our brand, our philosophy and our core values. I cannot see myself working anywhere else.

Call me biased, but I am very proud and have a deep affection for our company. I have worked with 6 different health club brands in my career and I speak from experience when I say that Crunch is the best place to work in our industry. As I always say, the only thing better than being able to do fitness for a living is to be able to do that at Crunch.  

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