Markus King

1. What is your Crunch gym & job title?

I am a Crunch Elite Group Fitness Instructor & my specialty is Indoor Cycling at Crunch Polk St, Chestnut St & New Montgomery in San Francisco.

2. When did you enlist & what was your branch of service?

I enlisted in 1999 and oversaw missions & operations in the U.S. Navy.

3. What was your experience like serving?

It was amazing! I have so many memorable experiences. From all the great locations visited to the very wonderful people that I encountered…I carry it all with me.

4. Do you recall the day your service ended? What was your transition like in the weeks and months afterwards?

I cannot recall my emotions after my “official” discharge, however, I am sure they were mixed. I did have difficult adjusting to civilian life after serving, though. I spent many months isolating myself from family and friends. Fitness definitely helped me during this period of adjustment.

5. What did you do right after you served? When did you start working at Crunch? How did serving help your career at Crunch?

I eventually went to college after I served and later found a job working the front desk at a local gym. I started at Crunch in March 2015.

Serving definitely helped with my physical and mental fitness. All the training has prepared my body for the daily demands of working at Crunch and my mind feels sharp when I’m teaching a class. Additionally, one of our mottoes in the Navy was: “Honor, Courage and Commitment.” I use all of these at Crunch, every day.

6. What are some of your hobbies outside of work? Tell us a little more about your daily life.

It’s funny – I am not that exciting outside of Crunch and consider myself a geek. You can find me riding my electric skateboard up and down the San Francisco hills, or at home playing video games with my dog (Booker) by my side.

7. Do you feel support working at Crunch? Is there anything else that you’d like to share with us?

The members and staff that know my achievements have always given me recognition. I am incredibly grateful for my career at Crunch. Including my military career, it’s the greatest path I’ve been on. I’m enjoying myself more than I ever had. It’s been absolutely amazing & it’s steadily becoming better.

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