Are all Crunch Gyms closed?

All Crunch locations, a network of both corporately owned and independently owned and operated franchise gyms are now closed in accordance with local, State or Federal guidelines and for the welfare of our members, guests and employees.

How do I find out when my location is opening?

Visit your gym’s Facebook page for updated information. If you don’t know the Facebook page URL, visit to find your club.  When you get to your gym’s page, click “CONTACT” below the main image at the top of the page for their social media links.

Will I be paying for my membership while it’s closed?

All of our corporately owned gyms, as well as the vast majority of our independently owned and operated gyms, suspended billing as quickly as was administratively possible after their closure. As of April 1, all North American Crunch locations have suspended billing during the closure. It is possible that some members at some clubs were billed in error while we worked to freeze billing in our systems. As such, those members will receive an adjustment or credit applied to their membership.

Contact us about Billing

How do I cancel or freeze my account if my club is currently closed?

We want to keep you as a member and believe your fitness and health are too important to abandon during this crisis. We are asking you to please wait until we reopen, at which point we will address all billing issues and make the appropriate adjustment or credit to your membership for lost time or services during the closure.  If you absolutely feel you must cancel your membership now, please send a letter or email to your gym with your name, address, email and membership number along with your request to cancel.

To find your gym’s address, visit to locate your club’s page. When you get to your gym’s page, the mailing address is in the main image on the page.  The “CONTACT” section below that image includes other ways to stay in touch with your gym, including the email address. We ask for your patience and understanding as we are operating with a reduced staff.

My club is closed and I was charged. How will that be handled?

Although policies on billing may vary somewhat between our corporately owned gyms and our independently owned and operated gyms, our goal is to address all billing issues once the gyms reopen. Members will receive an adjustment or credit applied to their membership in the equal value of the number of days the gym was closed.

What if I paid for my membership in advance for a year?

If you prepaid your membership, it will be extended by the exact number of days the gym was closed.

What if I pay for my membership monthly with an annual commitment?

If your membership was suspended during the closure, no payment was made. If a payment was made, once the gym reopens, members will receive an adjustment or credit applied to their membership in the equal value of the number of days the gym was closed.

I paid for Personal Training sessions in advance? How will that be handled?

If you have prepaid Personal Training sessions, the expiration date of your sessions will be extended when we reopen, so you can get back on track with your fitness goals.

I have Personal Training sessions that I pay for monthly. How will that be handled?

If you have monthly Personal Training sessions, the payment was either suspended during the gym closure or will be refunded for the portion of your payment based on the gym closure. In some cases, the time frame to use your sessions will be extended so you can get back on track with your fitness goals.

What is Crunch doing about addressing cleaning and disinfecting in the gyms?

Crunch is committed to providing a safe and clean environment for our members, guests and employees. Gyms are following a cleaning protocol following the CDC guidelines that have been found to be effective against viruses. During the closures, we are intensifying our cleaning and disinfecting measures in all of our gyms.

Does Crunch offer any online fitness and nutritional support so I can keep working out while my gym is temporarily closed?

Yes!  During our gym closures, we‘ve got you covered with a variety of group fitness options to keep you connected with Crunch and your fitness goals. 

  1. Crunch Live
    Crunch Live features an amazing variety of workouts from beginner to badass that you can do in the comfort of your own home at  From cardio and strength to mind/body and fusion based classes, Crunch Live delivers workouts ranging in length from 15 to 60 minutes.  Much like our in-club classes, these workouts can be combined so you can cross train with little to no equipment.  All members regardless of membership type now have access to Crunch Live.  Crunch Live is also available for non-members to enjoy for a 45-day trial.

  2. Crunch Live Unfiltered
    We are excited to announce the creation of Crunch Live Unfiltered.  Crunch Live Unfiltered is an organic version of Crunch Live that will feature both outdoor and in-home classes lead by our rock star instructors and personal trainers.  Designed to keep you connected to Crunch, we’ll provide a variety of workouts and fitness tips for participants of every fitness level.  Crunch Live Unfiltered is available daily at our Facebook page ( and many of the unfiltered workouts will also be available on Crunch Live.

    The schedule of workouts will be shared weekly on Facebook and will feature a variety of Crunch formats from hard hitting high intensity training to thoughtful mind body classes. 

  3. Don’t Miss out on your Dietary Support!
    We are what we eat and having everything our body can use to create and maintain health is crucial to supporting a strong immune system. Through our partnership with dotFIT, you can get your family’s nutritional support programs and products at 40% off, and shipped directly to your home for free. You have access to an evidence-based platform to keep you focused on your fitness goals that includes: a weight management system, menus, meal plans, a food logging system, fitness exercises, articles, videos and much more. Simply log in to your Crunch dotFIT account at and select your club.